Elegant and brave 16.3hh 6 year old TB mare $2,300 Dade City, Fl. It is with an extremely heavy heart that I put my mare, It's Mikes Baby, or "Ivy" for short, up for sale. She's a six year old thoroughbred and stands just under 17hh. She is off the track but only raced twice (was way too slow). Super brave and willing, happy to be a leader or a follower on trail, comes up to you when she's in the pasture, and has a personality of gold. Honestly the only reason I'm selling her is because I am going to be looking for an upper level jumper, and I don't think her build will allow her to jump 4+ ft. courses safely. Very sane and easy to control. I'm currently riding her in what is the most gentle bitless bridle on the market (Orbitless bridle in sidepull setting), and I have no issues. All you have to do is say "whoa" and she listens right away! ......However, she can get slightly "buddy sour," meaning that if she doesn't work as well at first if she is taken away from her pasture-mate. It's not too extreme though, and nothing that an intermediate rider couldn't handle. What she will do is try to slow down and turn around if the rider doesn't correct her. She came to me underweight, and although she is a healthy weight now, she could use more topline and hindquarter muscle to reach her full potential. Suitable for an intermediate rider or maybe an advanced beginner I personally wouldn't put a total beginner on her though just because she will end up standing next to her friend instead of working Asking $2300 but price is negotiable to good home!

Contact: Isabelle Marie Richter

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