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Aleta Sharafanowich
Em's Equine Services
It's All in the Twist Braiding Services
Lizzys Clipping Service
Mary's mane pulling services
Ocala Equine Body Clipping
Professional Bodyclipping
Skye Johnson Freelance body clipping
Totally Twisted Braiding

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OcalaHorseSales Ocala Equine Industries (OEI), a growing index of horse related businesses, is partnered with OcalaHorseSales Facebook Group to provide a free platform for advertising to the Equine Community. OEI will maintain a list of horses for sale in the Ocala Area for members of OcalaHorseSales. Ocala Equine Industries will list any recommendation but will never post negative comments about any equine related business. We may however, remove these from the list if there are consistent complaints.

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